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The Bomb
I discovered a 1500 for sale in Cincinnatti that sounded promising, so me and a few of my friends took a road trip out there to check it out.

 "Da Boyz"

Me and Dave'Bono' Robinett  
     Darrell, behind the wheel
(I love that 'got-me-a-hitchhiker' look...:)
The car was NOT what I expected, especially when the owner had to strap a gas can to the hood with duct tape and feed the fuel directly into the carburetor to get it to run!

"It runs, but it's got a bit of a fuel line problem," he said; Gee, YOU THINK!?
So here we are driving around a residential neighborhood with what essentially amounts to a five pound bomb sloshing all over the hood in front of us. Throughout the 'road test' I had these horrible visions of World War I pilots going down with flames sweeping all over the cockpit...We left Cincinnatti empty-handed; the car was pretty much just a shell anyway....but a picture paints a thousand words, doesn't it?

Here we come...
 Pulling back into the drive...whew!!
   See the gas can taped onto the hood?
The Refinery
And so we returned from Ohio. But at least the food was good. Oh, and Dave saw a refinery; we were somewhere in east-redneck Ohio late at night when we came up over a hill and there laid out before us in a small valley was a refinery of some type. Dave stops the truck IN THE MIDDLE OF THE HIGHWAY (there was no traffic this late at night), and collapses into paroxysms of ecstasy at the sheer monstrousness of it; I have to admit that it DID look kinda cool, very 'Bladerunner-esque'. Not so much that I'd stop my car in the middle of an interstate highway to swoon over it...but Dave's an environmental inspector...

And so we returned to Virginia; the very next day, I discovered the 1500 I would bring home, which is the one here in the photo gallery. Go check it out...